Do you have rooms in your house that are multitasking this year?  COVID-19 has made for interesting situations and scenarios in households around the world. Take for instance our dining room table here in Sioux Falls.

Our dining room table is usually for dinners on Saturday and Sunday. This year though it has subbed out 'at times' as a schoolroom for my wife.

This summer she decided that she would just leave things in place. That way, if she has to teach from home, she'll be able to at the turn of a switch. You hear me talking about Vast Broadband and how we have it at our house. It's been handy in that we are both able to work from home if need be. Technology can drive you a little crazy at times. Then there are times like these when you are happy and wonder where we would be without it.

This year, it sounds like my wife will be at school regardless. The reason we left things in place?  It's there and ready should the need actually arise.

The guts of making this whole thing work would be Vast Broadband. We've had Vast in our house for over 2 years now and it makes so many things that require digital horsepower work!

We still plan on having a small gathering at our house for Thanksgiving. But it will be a little different. I guess some of the family can sit in the dining room, some in the classroom, and some in the kitchen, if they are willing to sit at the kitchen counter.

So, how are things going to be different at your place this year?  Or are you going to go pretty much do the same thing as usual? I'd love to hear from you.

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