Dierks Bentley is coming to television with two very different series that he is developing for the small screen.ee

In a new interview with CMT's Cody Alan, Bentley reveals that one of the two shows he's got in development will center around his '90s cover band, Hot Country Knights.

"It's more of a Spinal Tap meets Curb Your Enthusiasm type of situation," Bentley says, while another show that he's developing for Fox is "more of a Cheers of Nashville kind of thing. Of course, you remember the show Cheers based out of Boston. This show revolves around a bar in Nashville, and you have this great bar owner, who's seen it all, been everywhere, and is kind of like a Sally Fields type character."

Variety reported in October of 2018 that Bentley is executive producing a single-camera comedy series from writer and executive producer Jack Burditt. Burditt is the creator of Last Man Standing, and his other credits include Modern Family, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and The Mindy Project. Fox has committed to a pilot on the as-yet-untitled series, which follows the personal and professional lives of a group of singer-songwriters who congregate at a Nashville bar.

Bentley knows all about the subject; he owns a bar in downtown Nashville called Whiskey Row. He tells Alan the new show is set in "hypothetical Nashville that we all think about it. Not the crazy busy city we live in now."

Bentley also offered Alan a recurring role on the show.

"There is going to be a guy at the bar, every day, just sitting in a trash can full of ice," he reveals. "And, he has to have good pecs and be physically fit."

The 43-year-old singer admits there's a learning curve in his new venture, but in some ways it's reminiscent of the music business.

"I’m learning a lot about the TV business, buts it’s like having a song on hold," he reflects. "You write a song, and somebody puts it on hold, but that doesn’t mean that it will make the record. It’s a long ways to go. We will see!"

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