If you want to learn more about someone, the best way to do it is listen to them, when they're talking to a friend. The guard comes down. Things just flow. Since we've added The Bobby Bones Show on Kickin' Country I've learned more about some of the Country Stars, simply by listening to Bobbycast.

Bobbycast is a Podcast that you can get through I-tunes.

On the recent episode of Bobbycast, Bobby talks with Dierks Bentley.  Dierks played Rapid City, South Dakota  this past weekend. He and the band did some hiking in the Black Hills. Did the Mt. Rushmore thing.

By listening to Bobbycast I've found out Dierks is a fan of U2 and in particular Bono. I found this interesting because I hear a lot of U2 influence in Bentley's Music.

Dierks also talks about technology. He mentioned that when he gets home, he occasionally switches back to a flip phone. He said, the people that know me, have my number and if they need something they can call. He added, I don't  want to be the guy that one of my kids has to say Dad twice to get my attention cause my head is buried in a phone. He also mentioned that he had to tell a couple of guys in the band to put their phones down, so he could snap a pic while they were in the out in The Hills.

Bentley also said tour buses full of country fans sometimes will drive by his place. Letting the passengers know, that's where Dierks Bentley Lives. Bobby asked if that bothered him and Dierks said, no, then told the story of  country star Webb Pierce who used to sell water out of his swimming pool to the tourists. 

I'm halfway through it. I've learned far more about Dierks Bentley then I had ever known. His slant, lean and vibe. It's a good listen. If your a Dierks Bentley fan, check out Bobbycast. You'll love it.

Bobby Bones and Friends are your new wake up call, 5:00 AM-9:00 AM on Kickin' Country!

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