Did you happen to catch the debut of "Secrets of Playboy" on A & E last week?

It's a tell-all, 10-part documentary series on what really happened behind closed doors in the Playboy mansion. Word has it, the series will expose the hidden secrets behind Hugh Hefner's Playboy empire through a modern-day lens.

A & E plans to do a deep dive into the world of Playboy by using archival footage and exclusive interviews from Playboy insiders. Supposedly some of Heff's past Playboy bunny girlfriends and various other insiders will be spilling the beans on what life was like inside the mansion for the very first time over the 10-week series.

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Hearing about the new A & E Playboy series actually took me back to my youth. As a young man growing up, I stumbled across a rather large, impressive collection of Playboy magazines my father had hidden in a number of boxes in a storage room in our basement. Now being a young man in my early teens, unearthing a jackpot like that, was like winning the lottery at that age.

I remember always wondering if any of these beautiful bunnies that lined the pages of this adult male magazine ever hailed from South Dakota?

Several decades later, I finally put on my Columbo coat. (FYI...for all you youngins out there, Columbo was a famous 1970's TV detective played by actor Peter Falk. Nobody could get to the bottom of a crime or mystery better than Columbo.)

South Dakota can actually boast of having a Playboy bunny of its very own.

Anyway, I digress. Over the weekend, I started snooping around on the internet, and to my surprise, South Dakota can actually boast of having a Playboy bunny of its very own.

Her name is Heather Jo Hughes. Although, word around the campfire is that is not her real name. (You mean some of these ladies use fake names, get outta here!)

According to Playboy Plus, Heather hails from Sioux Falls and was the cybergirl of the week for June 8th, 2009.

This blue-eyed South Dakota blonde likes to do more than pose in the nude. Heather is actually an electrical engineer from Sioux Falls, which means she is one smart cookie.

You can tell she's a South Dakota girl through and through. She loves being close to nature, her interests include hunting, fishing, snowboarding, and even scuba diving. (I'm guessing she's not doing much scuba diving in South Dakota. Wall Lake perhaps?)

Heather is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, who claims her perfect man would be someone who is a real sweetheart and loves to take care of me.

Heather also claims to be conservative and believes strongly in romance and chemistry.

I'd love to show you a couple of pictures of this beautiful young South Dakota lady, but my employer would probably take issue with that since I haven't been able to locate any photos of Heather with her clothing on. Take my word for it, she looks lovely!

I'm guessing there have probably been other ladies from South Dakota that have graced the pages of Playboy throughout the years, I just haven't been able to confirm that yet.

Regardless, Heather represents the Rushmore State extremely well. Trust me!

If you would like to get all the dirt on Heff's world and find out what life was really like in the Playboy mansion, you can watch "Secrets of Playboy" Monday nights at 8 central on A & E.

Source: A & E, Playboy Plus


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