I'll admit it, I don't watch the TV show Jeopardy! as often as I used to, I guess my interests have changed with the warmer weather we have been having. My mom called me last night to check in, we talk weekly, and mentioned that there was a Minnesota recipe that popped up on her social media feed from the long-running TV Trivia show. After some scrolling on the official Jeopardy! page I found it, and she was right it definitely was a Minnesota recipe. It was Minnesota Sushi!

Andrew He was participating in the Jeopardy! Master's Tournament and I think the folks behind the show wanted to have a little fun with what we find 'delicious'. Note the last dot under the directions.

It was a busy week for Andrew as on Monday on Jeopardy! he announced that he was a father according to People Magazine:

In Monday night's episode, host Ken Jennings asked the new father about the family's latest addition. "I have a newborn son," He told Jennings. "Thanks to just everyone in the world, I guess, but especially the Jeopardy crew."

"I had the double blessing of going from being here on the stage to within 24 hours going with my partner and welcoming the arrival of our son," He continued.

Andrew, who is a software engineer from California, was introduced to Minnesota Sushi during the Tournament of Champions and must have really liked it.

Score one for ham-wrapped pickles!

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