For 11 years, David and Jo Eatock dreamed of becoming parents — but the process wasn't easy. Finally, after multiple rounds of IVF, the couple received the news they had been waiting for: the treatments had worked on their last frozen embryo.

Then and there, the overjoyed dad vowed to be the best father and always accept his then-future daughter's playful requests.

On Aug. 10, the 45-year-old dad made good on his promise when his daughter presented him with an adult-sized princess costume and asked him to dress up like Cinderella.

David didn't miss a beat, slipping right into the baby blue dress with puff sleeves. He and his daughter Indie — who wore a purple gown — then gallivanted through their neighborhood, hand in hand.

"Kids were following us and having a laugh, but I was playing up to it and telling them, 'I'm a princess!' Indie loved me in it. It was a bit of fun at the end of the day. It's all worth it to see her smile. I'd do anything for her," David shared, according to The Mirror.

"We've got this little joke about, 'Mommy says no, Daddy says yes.' She reminds me that I said I'd do anything for her, and so anything goes," the dedicated dad continued.

Though Indie is lovingly "spoiled," she's "not a spoiled brat."

"She'll hold me to my promise, but I genuinely mean it. That's the problem. She'll want to keep that up. I see how important it is to be the best dad ever," David shared, adding he and his wife are "fairy old parents," so they want to cherish every moment with their little girl.

"I hope she'll remember her dad walking around wearing a dress," he said.

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