Death by Chocolate Trifle
The Cookin' Chicks

People love Super Bowl Sunday for lots of reasons.  Obviously, sports fans crave the anticipation of the football game itself and all that goes with the game, from the National Anthem, the roar of the crowd and the handing of the trophy to the winning team.  Others love Super Bowl Sunday because of the commercials.  Wondering if the horses and puppies are going to bring tears, is that an actor underneath that hair, or if a new product will be introduced.  But many Super Bowl fans want nothing to do with the commercials or the big game itself.  To those's about the FOOD!

I have to admit, I'm one of those FOOD people!  Always looking for something to take to the party that the SPORTS and COMMERCIAL people haven't had before.  I think I've found this year's choice.  Move over chips and salsa, little cocktail weenies and crockpots full of meatballs!  Make room for 'Death By Chocolate Trifle'!

It all started when I received a message from a listener on Facebook that simply said, "This is for Tammy."  with a link that would set my taste buds into overtime!  (Which I'm told is an exciting thing for a Super Bowl to have.....)

chocolate trifle dessert

Of course I followed the link that this amazing listener sent to me, only to start dreaming of 'Death By Chocolate Trifle'.

The link sent me to Foodies Network...or Foodies TV.  (Which I have to admit...I've never visited before...but after 'Death By Chocolate Trifle'...I quickly bookmarked into my computer!)

Foodies TV is an online Lifestyle TV Network that caters to those who enjoy cooking and food. They credit themselves as America's first multichannel online TV network with Foodies TV as their number one TV network,  so I am confident that recipes, like 'Death By Chocolate Trifle', must have to be good!

After drooling over the picture, I knew it was my choice for Super Bowl Sunday!  I followed a link to get the recipe for this "big bowl of heaven" and that's where I became acquainted with The Cookin' Chicks!  (I have a feeling the Cookin' Chicks and I will become quite close, as the first line on this page says, "I am obsessed with chocolate.")

With ingredients that include chocolate cake, cool whip, Reese's Pieces, Kit Kat bars, mini Reese's peanut butter cups and chocolate syrup, 'Death By Chocolate Trifle' will surely score more than an "extra point" with chocolate lovers at any Super Bowl party!  And I'm not ashamed to admit...there's a really good chance I might "go for two"....pieces...that is!

Thank you so much Cookin' Chicks and the Foodies Network for providing a SUPER easy recipe for Super Bowl food lovers!





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