Sunday morning when you arrive for church some of you may ask, "Where is everyone?" Oops, did you set your clock back an hour? Yep, been there.

This is the weekend to fall back one hour as Daylight Savings Time ends. You can go around the house and set your clocks before going to bed Saturday night and wake more rested. Or be up at your normal time making biscuits for the family.

Additionally, make a trip to the store for fresh batteries.

South Dakota Fire Marshal Paul Merriman suggests when resetting clocks, people should also take time to switch batteries in their smoke alarms. Merriman says working smoke alarms should be a priority for every homeowner.

Let's take a tour around my house. Besides the smoke alarms, we have one clock in the living room. One in the dining room which is open to the kitchen where there are three clocks. A wall clock, microwave, and stove. Really.

Bathroom-1, each bedroom-1, downstairs-3. Did I mention my disdain for ticking?

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