Danielle Bradbery has had a change of heart when it comes to dealing with internet haters—she's finding humor in the situation as opposed to letting it affect her spirit.

The Voice winner admits that when she was new to Twitter, negative comments from trolls would often get to her. But now she realizes that the words from nameless faces are something she shouldn't take personally, realizing that all they're looking for is a reaction.

“It used to be very bad. I used to want to comment on every one of those I’ve seen," she laughs during an interview with her label, Big Machine Label Group. "But I just have to tell myself, they’d never say this in person. They’re just a person behind the screen that’s just trying to make you mad. And what they want is for you to respond. So, I mean, I just laugh at it. It’s all fun and games now.”

While she's learned to tune out hateful comments online, she does take the time to interact with fans, and enjoys hearing how her music has impacted them. She revels in their excitement just as much as her own. When she released her latest album I Don't Believe We've Met in December of 2017, the young singer was looking forward to reading the kind words fans had to say about the project.

"That’s all I wanted to see and hear from everybody—just to get their feedback and know what they feel," she says. "Just seeing them as excited as they are is awesome, and that’s all I wanted ever, and so it’s really cool.”

Bradbery's powerful new single "Worth It" is out now. She has a steady touring schedule ahead for summer 2018, and is set to perform as part of the Long Road Festival in England on Sept. 8 where Carrie Underwood, Lee Ann Womack, Angaleena Presley and Charlie Worsham are among the other country acts expected to take the stage.

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