Danielle Bradbery's I Don't Believe We've Met is telling, to say the least. The young singer takes her first step in showing the world who she wants to be as an artist with honest, unflinching lyrics supporting an impressively improved voice.

Letting us into her personal joys and heartaches of a relationship, Bradbery takes listeners on a ride with I Don't Believe We've Met. Songs like "Human Diary" "Worth It" and "Messy" not only prove her gift as a vocalist, but as a songwriter, offering a real sense of emotion and rawness that's new for the young star. She determines she's not afraid to demand the respect she deserves on "Worth It," shares an authentic sense of vulnerability about the guy who keeps all her secrets with "Human Diary" and goes into detail about the strain she feels in a struggling relationship on "Messy," expressing concern over how the potential breakup will affect others in her life.

"Your mom's place is my second home / It's where I go to find some rest / It's where we met / I can't even think / About my younger brother 'cause he still looks up to you / He'll lose you too," she thinks out loud, sharing her insecurities.

Often times, Bradbery's vocals beg for a Female Vocalist of the Year nomination, particularly on "Hello Summer" and "that note" she hits at the end of "Worth It." She steps into new territory on the R&B-infused "What Are We Doing,' co-penned with Thomas Rhett, that's smoother than creamy peanut butter. And the infectious "Sway" cannot be ignored — it was a solid choice for the album's lead single, effortlessly drawing one's ear in to the rest of the project.

I Don't Believe We've Met is the type of album Bradbery needs for her reintroduction. She's self-assured and strong-willed, confident as she flexes new muscles to put forth songs that prove her as an up-and-comer worth investing in. It's a leap forward in her career. Bradbery's sincere efforts in pushing herself out of her comfort zone don't go unnoticed on this strong release.

Key Tracks: "Potential," "Worth It," "Human Diary," "Messy"

Did You Know?: Bradbery was only 17 when she won The Voice in 2013 as a member of Blake Shelton's team. She's now 21.

Big Machine Label Group
Big Machine Label Group

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