Day number one of Dakotafest in Mitchell is in the books. The first day of the three day event was hopefully the hottest day of the week.  After moderate temperatures the past few weeks in South Dakota the weather decided to take a turn, for the warmer.

The weather wasn't the real 'buzz' though at this years Dakotafest opener.  The real buzz was how the frenzy of farm and ranch displays had grown.  This years event boasts some 100 more exhibiters than last year.

Pic by Sprint Sioux Falls

For the 8th year, (I can't believe it's been that long) I was the emcee for the chute demonstrations in the Northwest Veterinary and Supply tent. The big red and white tent at the southwest corner of the grounds had chute demonstrations from numerous exhibitors as well as other product representatives on hand.

Doc Barz and the crew from Northwest Veterinary and Supply greet folks with an apple and a chance to win prizes.  They do a great job.

Pic by Sprint Sioux Falls

I can honestly say that over the 8 years of hosting the event, I've learned a box full of how to's and how not to's from Doc and his crew. He knows how to promote and is tireless and relentless in trying to shake as many hands and say hi to as many people as he can. Hang around the tent for just a few minutes and you'll see why he runs a successful business. He sincerely cares about the animals he cares for and the people he calls on.

The other part of my first day at Dakotafest I spent with the crew at Dakota Plains New Holland Dealer Group. I like hanging out there because it's a place that I can learn even more about agriculture and the new technology that people working in ag are using every day.  Matt and the crew are great to work with and are giving people a chance to win the use of a New Holland Tractor for 50 hours.

Dakotafest is a pretty cool event.  My friends from Amour were up.  I met an old classmate from school, (one year younger) I ran into many acquaintances I hadn't seen since last year and did make some new friends at Tuesday's opener too.

It's a great event.  It's the biggest agriculture event of the year and it's a great opportunity for folks involved with ag to learn more, see a lot and get together with friends.

Day two is coming up on Wednesday!  We'll once again be hanging out with Doc and the crew from Northwest Veterinary and Supply and we'll also be at Palace Builders from 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  You know the people that say, 'Solid, Strong, Steel!'   Listen for radio drop ins as well with representatives from Zoetis See you there.