South Dakota's corn producers are contributing millions of bushels of their crops each year to meet the nation’s ethanol demand while having an impact on local and regional economies. That has allowed this local facility to reach a huge milestone.

Dakota Ethanol of Wentworth, South Dakota has announced they have reached the one billion gallon mark in production. Along with its over 1,000 members of the Lake Area Corn Processors, LLC the plant turns out 90 million-gallon-per-year. But do you know just how much corn that takes? For that much fuel, you need 30 million bushels of corn. And that corn comes from our local farmers.

Ethanol fuel isn't the only product Dakota Ethanol is providing. The byproducts from ethanol include distillers grains for livestock feed and corn oil.

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In a recent press release, Dakota Ethanol CEO Scott Mundt said, “The work we do here at Dakota Ethanol uplifts our local ag economy and supports area farmers who helped build this industry from the ground up.” There are 45 full-time individuals who work at the plant, many of who have been with the company since startup.

Dakota Ethanol continues to focus on operational efficiencies to reduce costs and improve carbon intensity revenues the plant receives from shipping its ethanol to low carbon markets in the western U.S.

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