More information has been released about the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters that hung from the ceiling during Sunday's Minnesota Vikings game.

According to The Washington Times, The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and U.S. Bank Stadium manager SMG released a statement Tuesday saying that protesters did enter the stadium with game tickets.

Karl Zimmerman Mayo, 32, and Sen Holiday, 26, were able to pass through stadium security prior to the game with carabiners, nylon rope and a lightweight banner with weights. Due to cold January temperatures, they were able to conceal the supplies under winter clothing.

The banner, which stated "US Bank Divest, #NoDaPL," hung from the stadium along with them in tow for the duration of the game.

The protesters have yet to be formally charged. The MSFA and SMG said that changes will be made in order to prevent any situation of this caliber in the future.

I was at the game myself, and happened to be one section over from where the protesters were hanging. The action above was quite the distraction for the total duration of the game.

I estimate that at least 210 people were evacuated from their seats below the protesters, which was standard protocol to avoid any potential injury that could result from the protesters or their sign falling to the ground.

The protesters did get cocky, waving and posing for pictures, as well as hanging upside down from their ropes.

Source: The Washington Times 

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