If there are any grade-school boys still not calling young Ava Faith back after seeing her rendition of Reba McEntire's hit 'Why Haven't I Heard From You,' they'd better get on it!

Although she's still in elementary school, Ava has incredible pipes -- you may not even believe the powerful voice in the video is coming out of such a tiny body!

It doesn't hurt the cuteness that the song boasts hilarious lyrics: "The service man, he told me that my phone is working fine And I've come to the conclusion trouble isn't with my line I'm sure the operator will be glad to put you through So dial zero for assistance if this all confuses you."

Even cuter is how Ava put her all into the delivery. Dressed in a blue dress and her hair pulled back sweetly in a headband, the youngster doesn't disappoint. Every note is spot-on, and she projects McEntire's sassy personality well, with eyebrow raises, finger pointing and a few dance moves that display her undeniable confidence.

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