Patrick Lalley / KSOO
Patrick Lalley / KSOO

We have twin sister cats -- Tabitha and Samantha.

They're about nine months old. Both beautiful grey tabbies with hints of orange on their tummies.

They're adopted from All Cats Rescue. Good people of the highest order. I recommend them highly.

And being nine-month-old sister cats, they're nuts.

We had them spayed early on but decided to see how it goes on declawing, which is really not recommended anymore. And if you do, go with the laser, they say. Of course, go with the laser is pretty good advice in any situation.

But now we have claws. There are only two real options. Let those babies go and live with the consequences. Or trim them. Yes, you can trim your own cat's claws. It's not a particularly fun thing to do and the cats don't like it either.

But it's possible.

It works better as a two person job. One person holds the cat by the scruff of the neck, which instinctually paralyzes them and the other person clips just the tip of the claw, careful not to "cut to the quick," which would be painful. Done right, it's nothing more than clipping fingernails.

Let them go and you end up with the above picture. And worse.

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