This past week the Legion Lake Fire in Custer State Park burned more than 85 square miles.

Highway 16A and 87 South in Custer State Park will re-open Monday morning for visitor use.

“I want to thank all the firefighters for their relentless efforts on the Legion Lake Fire. It is because of their hard work that Custer State Park will continue to flourish for years to come," said State Park Superintendent Matt Snyder. "Right now we just ask for time and patience from all our visitors as we gather our resources to evaluate the damage and repair our roads and fences.”

As they assess the damage it's being reported by KSTP TV that all 9 of the beloved burros that live in Custer State Park were burned in the fire. Some worse than others.

All nine are being treated by veterinarians and staff. "It's a very sensitive situation at the moment. We're treating them and we are trying to do everything we can to help them, and it's kind of a waiting game," said Park Visitor Services Program Manager Kobee Stalder.

The herd of State Parks 'Begging Burros', which dates back to the 1930's, has been a park favorite for years.

They are known for approaching visitors and they're vehicles looking for handouts. I happen to know first hand that they love animal crackers and licorice whips.

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