By Sanford Children's Hospital

Caitlyn first complained of headaches during the day and jaw pain. She even started snoring. She was diagnosed with ALCL but after enduring two years of treatment, she now is in remission and the prognosis is very good.

She loves the child life specialists and staff at the Castle. She said it was scary to lose her hair but she knew it was going to happen and accepted it. She attended Camp Bring It On! and has really come into her own throughout her ordeal.

Caitlyn can be seen on Sanford Children’s posters and commercials. She was a shy and quiet young girl when she was diagnosed and going through treatments. She is not anymore. She is vibrant and outgoing and happy to help Cure Kids Cancer at every turn.

She’s also great with younger kids, as seen at Cancer Survivor events, as she plays with the younger survivors and their siblings. She’s a great teenager!

Cure Kids Cancer: Caitlyn Baumgart
Sanford Children's Hospital

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