Craig Campbell has a very important platform to stand on this election season — but he’s not actually running for office. He just wants to protect country’s legacy. In a spoof of Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign, Campbell’s new video touts his own slogan: Making Country Music Great Again.

In the fun promotional video, Campbell is shown walking at sunset and interacting with fans as the text lists all the types of classic country tunes: heartbreak songs, love songs, drinking songs, patriotic songs, and songs that tell the story of the American Dream. The list continues, superimposed over classic scenes of Americana as Campbell’s tune “Outskirts of Heaven” blares, then wraps up in a declarative sentiment.

“Country — not just music,” the video states. “It’s a way of life."

The clip then shows a mockup of Campbell’s campaign logo with his slogan underneath.

“I’m Craig Campbell,” he says in a voiceover, true to the tradition of campaign ads. “And I approve this message."

Campbell says he has a passion for country music and its longstanding traditions, and he wants to keep those characteristics alive in his own songs.

“I love country music,” the singer says in a press release. “I have dedicated my life to making it the only way I know, which is great. In my book, there is only one kind of country music … great country music. It’s what I do.”

The artist has gone all out for the campaign and even created T-shirts with his faux slogan, which fans can purchase online. Though he’s not actually running for the presidency, he is serving his country soon with a USO tour, which begins in August.

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