At Kickin' Country, we pride ourselves on making quality posts here on  Quality, meaningful posts.  Dan Collins has to be rolling his eyes right now.  I can hear what he's saying.  'Really JD, is this what it's come to?'  Cow Poop Air Freshener?  To that I say, (*^& yes. 

Around these parts, if you drive past a barnyard and smell cow manure, you might hear someone say...'smells like money to me.'  Here's a story of a couple of students who might have a natural way to turn that smell into cold hard cash.

One mans trash is another mans treasure.  How that translates into air freshener that smells like, cow poop, that's something new.  A couple of students came up with the idea at school in Indonesia.  I wonder if it started out as a joke, and turned into something bigger in the end. 

Cow poop.  I'm almost a little embarrassed to say it that way.  I'm usually more colorful and 'real life,' in my description.  I know.  It's a family show.  We'll keep it that way.




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