This one caught my eye. The Miami Heat will be soon allowing a limited number of fans back into games. And they are considering the use of cutting edge, or should we say some cutting 'nose' technology. That's right dogs could be used to sniff incoming fans to check if fans might have COVID-19. According to The Miami Sun-Sentinel;

The Heat is working on a screening in which the dogs would sit if COVID-19 infection is detected, or just keep walking past spectators if nothing is detected.

Pretty cool huh? I've been wondering about dogs and the possibilities to do something like this for a while now. I wrote a story about it on April 3, 2020. You can check it out here.

The reason I bring it up is when we get to the point where we can detect it before we know we have it, then we'll be cooking with gas to get things back to closer to normal.

Imagine, going through security at a Sioux Falls Skyforce Game here in Sioux Falls at The Sanford Pentagon. {Skyforce is a G-League affiliate of the Miami Heat] First, we'd clear our pockets of keys and such and then walk by Rover who would give us the green light healthwise to head in to watch the Force in action.

I for one hope that it works. I also applaud the Miami Heat for considering this as another effort to keep fans safe and get them BACK IN SEATS, even if it is on a limited basis.

We are finding more and more out about COVID-19. It's morphed and modified just about everything we do or don't do. I find it encouraging that Mans best friend, could indeed help us getting back to 'more normal.'

Thank you for sharing this story with your dog-loving, Skyforce, Miami Heat Loving fans!

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