This morning on the way to work I noticed a For Sale sign. Maybe I've driven by it for a few days, maybe not, but this morning it caught my attention. It was a land for sale sign along 57th street in southeast Sioux Falls.

You most likely know of the land I'm talking about. There is an awesome 'now in the city' horse ranch along 57th between Southeastern and Bahnson. You know the place. Beautiful white fences and horses most of the time out for us 'wish we were horsemen' to check out on our way to work.

So, this morning, for the first time I noticed the for sale sign. Not along the fenced-in area but the alfalfa field to the east. The city has already built up around the area, so it came as no surprise. I do like the alfalfa field there though. I can monitor what my farmer friends are doing out in the country based on what's going on here in town with the alfalfa crop year after year. Plus it smells great on my way to work on an early summer morning after it's been freshly cut.

So what's going to happen to the fence, and the horses and the little bit of countryside in the middle of Sioux Falls? I don't know. But you can bet I'll be doing a little research. I hope the horses stay around for a while. It's great checking them out on the way to work and home every day.

As for the alfalfa fields? Probably more twin homes, or houses, or apartment buildings. Sioux Falls continues to grow!

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