Friday February 23rd, Tyler David returns to perform at The Wheel in Canton SD at 9:00 pm.

Here is a quick Q n A with Tyler:

Where did you grow up?

Canton, South Dakota

Where did your your love of country music come from?

Growing up my parent’s were huge fans of country musicThe only CD’s in the car were old George Strait, Garth Brooks, Tracy Byrd and other guys from that era. They definitely planted the bug for country music in to my ear.

Where do you get the inspiration for the songs you write?

A lot of my inspiration comes from my faith, my family, and my friends. For example, for There She Goes, I started writing this song after my sister Mackenzie graduated high school last May. I took it to my good friends Janice Gilbert and Craig Winquist and finished it up. We wrote it with my sisters in mind and just talked about the journey of growing up. From dancing in the kitchen with your dad to the senior prom. But I would definitely say the majority of my songs are inspired by what I feel and what’s going on in my life. And being away from home and being the oldest of eight, the family definitely inspires some tunes because I miss them so much.

Why did you decide to make the move from South Dakota to Nashville TN?

I just wasn’t happy and content with what I was doing in South Dakota. I was pursuing a degree in education from SDSU, and just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I had always been curious about Nashville, so I found a school here, Belmont, applied, got in and just decided to go for it. It was kind of a now or never moment. If I didn’t go, I probably never would have down the road.

What country music artists did you listen to growing up?

I listened to a lot of 90’s country, but growing up my all time favorite country artist would probably have to be Gary Allan.

Other than country music is there a career you could see yourself pursuing?

If music doesn’t work out, I always say I could go back to teaching. I love working with kids and I can still share music in the classroom and maybe inspire others to play.

If you could perform on tour with any other country artist or group who would you choose?

Gary Allan or Garth Brooks… But honestly, I’d play with anyone. I just want to get out there an perform!

What advice do you have for an aspiring artists that would like to pursue a career in music?

Don’t think about it, just do it. It’s intimidating, it’s scary, but put yourself out there and go for it. You never know who is listening or watching.

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