Columbus, Ohio could be renamed 'Flavortown' if a new petition circulating on has anything to say about it the matter.

According to the petition, the name 'Flavortown' "honors, Central Ohio's proud heritage as a culinary crossroads" as well as celebrity chef Guy Fieri was born in Columbus.

Fieri was born in Columbus in 1968 but grew up in California.

The petition says that the name Columbus is tarnished and is "not exactly a proud legacy."

Officials with the city of Columbus says they will be removing the Christopher Columbus statue outside city hall and plan to create a new city seal and flag.

Brown County in South Dakota has a town named Columbia.  The name Columbia is derived from Columbus.

South Dakota was the first state in the country to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day back in 1989.  Since then over 150 municipalities have made the switch.

What are the chances of Columbus, Ohio changing its name to Flavortown?  That remains to be seen.

However, given the current 'cancel culture' environment the country has been thrown into recently, it seems that any city, street, school, airport, building or statue with a name or likeness that might not be perceived as 'politically correct' will be fair game for a change.

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