Bruno Mars, maybe Justin Timberlake? Maybe two shows but six?  How about U2 or The Rolling Stones? Maybe 3 shows, but the age span appeal of their fan base isn't close.

A couple of friends at work and I were talking about the mass appeal of Garth Brooks. One programmer walked out the door shaking his head saying, what's the appeal of this guy?

It's a perfect storm. Garth Brooks is coming back to Sioux Falls and you can already feel a shift in the barometric pressure. So really, who could do, what Garth is doing here in Sioux Falls. I'm sure the staff at The Denny Sanford Premier Center are already looking ahead and wondering. As they lay the ground work to execute what will be a 2 week circus like no other in Sioux Falls, they're probably wondering, what about?

Garth is rare. He's a favorite of people in their 80's. Grand babies who listen to the radio with 'papa' love his music too. And anyone old enough to legally carry two Pinia Coloadas in each hand, well they love him too. Taylor Swift may have a billion followers but, here in Sioux Falls?

So, who could, if they wanted to, do what Garth is about to do? We came up with only one name, who might be able to come close, here in the heartland. Wait, did I say Heartland? Yep. George. Maybe.

Now George is officially 'retired.' But the way that Garth does things, who knows. The format of setting up shop in one town, kinda close to home must be appealing. Heck he's already doing it out in Las Vegas so who knows.

Doesn't matter either way. The guy that calls George Strait, THE MAN is coming to Town. If you get a ticket, enjoy the show. If you get a ticket, keep the stub. If you get the ticket, soak in everything about the weeks leading up to the show. It will be, like no other. Anywhere. And it will most likely be another 20 years before something like this happens again.

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