When the Covid-19 Pandemic first blew up people ran to stores to stockpile numerous items.

And when communities began enacting stay-at-home orders many went to the grocery store and big box stores to fill their carts with hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, eggs, bread, milk, canned goods, bottled water, and of course...toilet paper.

As the Covid-19 Delta virus variant is gaining traction across the U.S. Costco is reporting new shortages of Toilet Paper, Bottled Water, and other things.

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Product supply line shortages combined with people's pandemic hoarding have some Costcos to limit the amount you can buy of certain items.

Folks on Twitter are reporting seeing signs at local Costco stores that say “Limit 5 Per Customer” above bottled water displays.

They are also tweeting about limits on ground coffee, and some electronics, glasses, mattresses, and other things.

As the Delta variant of the Covid-19 virus is surging all over the United States mostly among the unvaccinated population. Hospitalizations are on the rise and are challenging many medical communities.

The CDC recommends everyone over 12 years old are eligible to get vaccinated.

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