Wow, a five minute storm through the area can change things up!

If you are a homeowner in Sioux Falls, you either have put a new roof on your home this year, or looked at getting it done.  I'm one of the people who needs a secretary. You know, someone to read the fine print and get me through a project.

Thanks to Carmen from Eberts Constrction I think we're getting closer to the end.  I've had insurance with State Farm and Monte Fernandez since we've moved to Sioux Falls. They're great to work with, but the little details sometimes take time. One of the big things is 'what color shingles are we going to put up?' That can be additionally challenging if you plan on painting your house next year, like we do.

Regardless, we're getting closer. Judging by the people on our street in southeast Sioux Falls, many have already been through the process. And many are still in the process of getting new shingles on their home.

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