Harrisburg Days is a relatively new phenomenon when put up against other traditional festivals. The small-town dedication is the event's foundation.

Collin McKenzie leads the committee that puts together the three-day excursion. He says the board members have similar backgrounds where they draw on past experience to breed success in Harrisburg.

“All of the volunteers on this board that put this on come from smaller towns that had carnivals and something to go to (when they were young). When we started this, Harrisburg didn’t have anything. (It’s wonderful) to see all the families and children enjoying themselves.”

McKenzie says the Harrisburg general demographic trends much younger that many communities.

“You’ll see families with one and two-year olds and that’s the mean. That’s why we do this is to have a sense of community.”

The Saturday morning parade is one example that McKenzie cites as an effective way for people to bond because it links so many different areas of Harrisburg.

“It goes from the new portion of town near Middle School South, weaves its way through the old portion of town by the old Main Street and back into the new development. The parade fills in all the gaps and connects the community together.”

For a complete list of activities and information about Harrisburg Days click here or visit harrisburgdays.com.

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