In the latest social media video from South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, she is seen in dark sunglasses dressed in hunting gear and blaze orange with a shotgun in a field hunting pheasants. Noem states: "I am Kristi Noem Governor of South Dakota. This is how we do social distancing in our state. Less COVID more hunting. That's the plan for the future. (laughs)"

Some of the comments on the Facebook post include:

Barb Wilber: Not cute. I know that’s your brand and all, but COVID is not a joke when people are dying.

Anna Michaelson-Cole: I love living here so much. Kids in theaters...stores open. Let freedom ring.

Dave Thomas: Apparently on a preserve, most of the birds are pen-raised from chicks and some are released for a hunt. The kind of places the average South Dakotan cannot afford.

Amos Decker: I frickin love IT. that video has to absolutely go viral, ASAP. I love our Governor. Wish we could air the video in Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago California, New York, etc, etc, I think you got my point.

Violet Rooker: Watching your videos and the confidence you have for South Dakota makes me want to change my home state.

Scottie Wilson: This should be the cover of "America's Finest" magazine; if there was one!

Robert Petris: Palin of the Prairie. 200,000 deaths are not something to laugh about Governor. Look over here in the cornfield while I'm not investigating my AG's hit and run.

Shane Tipton: I am a Realtor. I am swamped with people coming from all of America because of our awesome Governor. Keep it up, Kristi Noem!

Luis Kylee Valentin: We need a good leader in South Dakota who cares about people and demanding masks and take this problem seriously not take it as a joke.

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