Chad Prather is bringing his Star Spangled Banner Tour to The District in Sioux Falls Friday (November).

Prather is nicknamed the Political Cowboy, but it's not all jokes, politics, and parody songs. I started following Chad Prather on Facebook after I saw some of his motivating and encouraging video messages he posted.

When I talked to Chad, he recommends bringing your entire family to the show, but he also said to make sure everybody in the family is 18 and up.

We also played a game called WWCPD or What Would Chad Prather Do?

I gave Chad questions with three answers to choose from, and he gave me his personal preference.

Q: If you could eat lunch with 3 comedians living or dead, who you breaking bread with?

Chad: Robin Williams, Bill Hicks, and George Carlin.

Q: Have you ever met anyone that star struck you a bit?

Chad: George Straight. I don't get star struck easy, but being from Texas, and meeting George Straight, I get star struck by George. I'm one of those guys that meets people, and I realize they put there pants on just like I do, and sometimes I don't even put my pants on.

Q: Lets stick with music WWCPD. What would Chad listen to if you had the choice between the following musical Johns: Johnny Cash, John Bon Jovi, or John Cougar Mellencamp?

Chad: That's a good one, I'm going to go with Johnny Cash because that's who I was listening to right before I called in.

Q: All of your videos I've seen your sitting in your truck if you were offered a free truck from any of the following WWCPD: Ford, Chevy, Dodge or Toyota?

Chad:  I'm going to go Chevy, I grew up a Ford guy, but right now I'm going Chevy.

For tickets to The Star Spangled Banner Tour at The District in Sioux Falls, November 3rd, Click Here.

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