This afternoon I went out to grab a quick lunch and ran into something that never ceases to tick me off: somebody double-parked.

One of the things I've noticed after living in Sioux Falls for the last 4+ years is that, for whatever reason, your parking spaces seem to be a bit smaller then everywhere else I've lived (Virginia, Massachusetts, Indiana and now South Dakota). That means navigating some parking lots is a challenge.

Case in point the Village on Louise. This is one of my favorite areas, because it's conveniently located (across the street from the station) and has a lot of my favorite places to eat: Panera Bread, Juice Stop, Noodles and Company. Which of course makes it a bear to get in and out of, especially around lunch time. The layout of the parking lot and the size of the spaces adds to the challenge.

So do people like this guy:

Anthony Wright/Results Radio

Really!?! I know you're driving a truck, but it will still fit between the lines. He didn't even do a good job of double-parking - he takes up most of one spot, but just a portion of the other. If you are going to double-park, then go all-in on both spaces.

Anthony Wright/Results Radio

If you're not sure if there is enough room to park that monster, then go to the far end of the lot and take up two spaces there, not in the spaces near the busiest part of the lot (Panera Bread).

And don't give me that "I was only in the store for a minute" routine. I was just going to Juice Stop (in and out in less than 5 minutes) and I still parked between the lines!

To make matters worse, the driver even LEFT THE TRUCK RUNNING! I've never wanted to jump in someone's vehicle and hide it someplace far away more than I did today.

Sadly, I couldn't even escape it back at the station parking lot. I took this shot a couple days ago...

Anthony Wright/Results Radio

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