Trav and KICKIN' 100.5 will be broadcasting from The Country Apple Orchard, Friday from 3:00 pm till 6:00 pm.

Come hop on the tractor rides and let's pick some delicious apples at The Country Apple Orchard!

We can all fill in the blank of the famous say that: an apple a day keeps______.

I am not sure if that saying has some science behind it, or if it's just one of those saying passed on through the generations.

I'm not really caught up in the idea of trying to keep the doctors away, as I am more concerned about keeping my taste buds happy.

The tradition of taking trips to The Country Apple Orchard every year has just as much to do with making memories as it does with eating the delicious apples.

If you have never been I would encourage you and the kids, or you and whoever you like to make memories with to head out to The Country Apple Orchard.

The Country Apple Orchard is located at 27249 SD Highway 115 Harrisburg, SD 57032.

For operating hours and all the orchard events, and excitement check out The Country Apple Orchard Facebook page.

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