Come From Away was announced to come to Sioux Falls almost two years ago and last night (May 4, 2022) Sioux Falls finally got to experience it!

I say experience because that is truly what it is. I was so fortunate to be in attendance for the first show of the run. Full disclosure, I cried three times.

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Come From Away is a lot of times described as a musical about 9/11, but it's actually a show about 9/12 and the days after. The show has been described as 'a celebration of the best of humankind.'

The show consists of 12 cast members and an 8-piece band, all on stage, to tell the story of over 7,000 people who were grounded in Gander, Newfoundland after the 9/11 attacks.

The title Come From Away is derived from the nickname the Newfoundlanders give to people who come to visit.

The show takes place in 100 minutes and all on one set. The actors move tables and chairs to change location from the planes to a shelter to the local bar.

The set itself is a moving character in the show. The circular middle section moves at the best moments to give the most dramatic effect.

The actors also play multiple characters by changing hats, vests, and jackets. (I swear it's not confusing.)

This show is not your typical musical that is full of lavish costumes and big dance numbers, however, every movement is done with intention. The subtle choreography is so powerful. An open palm becoming a fist. A bowed head looking up. All seem like simple movements but are so impactful.

The entire show is great, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be "Prayer". I don't consider myself a religious person, but this song/scene combines Christianity, Judaism, and the Muslim faith. Very powerful.

A more light-hearted favorite moment is when the band comes forward during a scene/song "In the Bar/Heave Away". The Newfoundlanders make some of the 'plane people' honorary citizens in a very funny way. It includes an ugly stick, some kind of liquor called Screecher, and kissing a cod!

And no Washington Pavilion show would be complete without the themed cocktail. For Come From Away, make sure you try the Unbreakable! I'm always a sucker for a signature drink with a theme.

Come From Away is running through Sunday, May 8th! Tickets are still available in all price ranges, here.

Come From AWay


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