It's the dumbest February question in the state of South Dakota.

'Cold enough fer ya'?

My response usually begins with 'Does a bear...'?

Call it a cold front, a cold snap, a cold wave, whatever...there is usually a 'nip in the air' come February in our great state, a good look (and shiver) at below zero temps. There seems to be some psychological warmth in the air as long as the thermometer has a '+' in front of the temp. When it falls to a '-', well, put another log on the fire.

So then, what's the coldest you've ever experienced in South Dakota? You know. the bone-chilling temperature that to this day resides back there in the warmth of your memory? 30 below? Maybe 35 below?

Well, if you (or your parents...or Grandparents) happened to be in McIntosh, South Dakota on February 17, 1936, you experienced a record that stands to this day. Congratulations!

On that date, in this state, at that place, it was officially -58 degrees. You read that right, 58 degrees below zero. Temperature, not wind chill. Of course, a couple of days before it was -60 in Parshall, North Dakota. So...I guess it could have been worse.

So when you're going through our February 'cold snap, have yourself a cup of hot cocoa and toast those hearty folks all those years ago in McIntosh. I'll bet no one said 'Cold enough fer ya'? Contributed To This Article

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