Just in time for the holidays, Coca-Cola recently announced that they are planning on launching a cinnamon-flavored soda this winter. The flavor made its debut as a Coke Zero product in the U.K.last year and was a hit!

Delish, not much details are available about it but here is what they said, the cinnamon cola is arriving sometime this winter, it's also available in the Coke Zero variety.  Pepsi tried something similar back in 2017 when they released, "Pepsi Fire" but was only available at select locations.

release, the tasty beverage is “bursting full of warming flavors” and is guaranteed to get those who drink it into the “festive spirit” as the Christmas season approaches. The Coca-Cola Company's namesake makes up about 80% of the company's considerable or 26% of the beverage market.

Source: Delish

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