It was just last year that longtime friends and country legends Tracy Lawrence and Clay Walker went back on the road together once again. And right off the bat, the two got themselves in trouble.

“After the first show last year, I think we sat and sang every song we knew and drank for several hours,” Lawrence says with a laugh during a recent interview with Taste of Country. “It was not good. You're supposed to save that for the last night. Neither one of us could sing for three days. We have to do better this time.”

As the old friends head out on a co-headlining tour starting in March, they both sound as if they are going to be on their best behavior this time around.

“My wife will call early the next morning, and she will be able to hear it in my voice,” says Walker, a Texas native best known for hits including “Live Until I Die,” "Dreaming With My Eyes Open," and “This Woman and This Man.”

“She ended up putting a tracker on my phone!” Walker adds.

Granted, Walker and Lawrence have long found themselves on the same stage throughout their career, resulting in a strong friendship between the two.

“Tracy and I share a love for country music,” explains Walker, who recently released his new single, “Catching Up with an Ol' Memory.”

“But we also have a love for each other, and you can see it when we are around each other,' he says  "I don't drink shots until I get around him. This time, I'm going to try to stick to just beer and wine. But I got to tell you, when I get around him, all rules go out the window.”

It's a somewhat crazy story, considering that the first country CD Walker says he ever purchased was, in fact, a Tracy Lawrence CD.

“I bought it with my own money,” Walker remembers. “I went to Best Buy and bought Sticks and Stones when I heard it on the radio. When I was 17, I moved out of my dad's house into an apartment, and I played that CD 'til it fell apart.”

He draws in a deep breath.

“Tracy's just always been a great singer,” explains Walker. “In fact, I think he sings better today than he ever did. He is a big piece of the fabric of country music. I can't imagine that voice not being present in country music.”

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