City Hall must be getting a lot of flack over the controversy that's blown up over the recent noise complaint that led to Icon Lounge suspending live music at its downtown location.

They must also have heard that a bunch of live music and entertainment aficionados and supporters plan to show up at City Council meeting on Tuesday evening.

And just in case anybody was wondering, the city wants everybody to understand that there are some facts involved. I'm pretty sure these are the same facts that I've read in the reporting of the issue, but then again I don't see everything.

So here you go. There's going to be factual presentation at the City Council's Informational Meeting. That's the one where citizens can't talk, just FYI.

Just for the record, I don't people are struggling with the facts of the issue. It's the fact that the limit is 55db downtown, which nobody cared about until now, that's causing problems. That's ridiculously low. I'm going to sit downtown and complain every time a Harley goes by with straight pipes. You think anybody will get a ticket?

That's what I thought.

Here's the press release the city dropped on Friday:


On Tuesday, City staff will present the facts surrounding the noise ordinance as it relates to sound in downtown. The presentation will take place at the 4 p.m. City Council Informational Meeting on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, at Carnegie Town Hall, 235 West Tenth Street. The public is encouraged to attend.

One important fact the public should understand is that all of downtown is zoned to allow residential uses. The zoning for downtown also allows for commercial, retail, and a mix of other uses, which creates the unique atmosphere we all expect from a downtown environment. No changes have been made to zoning or the noise ordinance as a result of any new residential units in downtown.

Environmental sound is a hot topic as cities grow, and the City team is excited to bring the facts to light around the current downtown noise ordinance. City employees from the Health Department, Police, and Planning and Building Services will present. The presentation also will be web streamed live on as well as televised live on cable channel CityLink.

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