Being a movie lover in the Midwest has its struggles. If you don't feel the struggle I have to break it to you that we might not be on the same film lovers level.

Midwest movie loves know there are plenty of times every year that you will see a trailer for a movie, see a release date, and then watch the movie pass right over your city.

There is no way every movie can land in every theater, but there have been way too many times over the years I've had to road trip to take in a movie.

Part of the problem is my inability to wait for the movie to come out in other forms, but I chase story lines and movies like it's a full time job.

Thankfully I stumbled on this hidden gem of an opportunity for local movie lovers.

I was waiting for The Public to hit theaters and doing my usual google search for release and show times.

Cinema Falls popped up while I was searching for the desired flick.

From their Facebook page:

Who can resist a story? Cinema Falls celebrates stories told in the dark, in community, around flickering light - trading ancient campfires for theater spaces and the silver screen. Welcome to our film community where we are constantly growing the population of people who love indie film, documentaries, and world cinema and want more of them in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and our region. There is no required membership or society you must join, just film lovers who choose to become "Cinezens" of Cinema Falls through the purchase of a ticket or season pass, and attending our films, wherever we may share them in our city. Keep up on our latest screenings and events by joining our eNews list or checking in weekly at

I'm super pumped to have stumbled upon this Sioux Falls movies lovers gem!

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