City Councilor Christine Erickson said this week that she's running for re-election.

This wasn't a surprise to anybody. First off, very few city councilors do a "One and Done." That and the fact that nobody has emerged to challenge Erickson for her At-Large seat on the eight-member council meant that it was expected Erickson would run.

She's also seen as a likely candidate for a bigger job at some point. It's hard to know what that might be and at 39 years old she doesn't need to hurry. Erickson backed away from running for mayor in this cycle.

She and husband Tony have three little boys. Also, and this is not to be dismissed, her brother Adam Vinatieri is still kicking long field goals for the Indianapolis Colts and nephew Chase Vinatieri is doing the same thing for South Dakota State University.

Which is all to say there's a lot going on and a lot of moments to miss if you're mayor. That's basically what she told me the last time she was a guest on The Patrick Lalley Show and it has played out that way.

NOTE: I always think when the family connections come up that it's probably annoying to always answer those questions about football when you're dealing with the machinations of a thriving city of 175,000 people. One doesn't really have anything to do with the other.

There might still be competition for the seat. The elections aren't until April. Despite the fact that the mayor's race has heated up particularly early this cycle, council races generally don't get going until at least after Jan. 1.

There are four seats on the ballot plus the mayor's race. Here's all the pertinent info on the election, registration, etc.

If Erickson remains unchallenged or wins if an opponent emerges, she is sure to be a force on the next council.

Here's the quote from the release:

“Serving this great community has been an honor and privilege. I would like to continue moving Sioux Falls in the right direction of progress and growth,” Erickson said. “For the next term, I will focus on smart economic growth, public safety and maintaining the streets to the highest standard possible.”

And here's what Erickson listed as her track record:

  • Collaboration. Erickson has bridged the gap between Municipalities, Counties, and the State by working in a collaborative way.
  • Relationships. Erickson has a reputation of building strong, working relationships that benefit citizens through legislative and community outreach.
  • Confronting Drug Addiction.
  • Economic growth. Consumer choice is important, and Erickson prides herself on being a leader on issues such as ride sharing and consumer choice in all forms of business development.
  • Affordability. Erickson played an instrumental role in keeping pool passes affordable, helping which increase demand, resulting in great success of the indoor aquatic center.
  • Higher Paying Jobs. As a City Councilor, Erickson continued her previous work as a State

Representative by securing funding for the USD Discovery District – a project that will continue to keep Sioux Falls on the cutting edge of producing high paying jobs and educational options for the residents of Sioux Falls.

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