The Chris Stapleton concert coming to The Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls is one that his fans have been looking to for a long time. Stapleton is having quite a run, and from everything I've heard from his fans, you can expect a heck of a show. The show has been rescheduled, again for November 14, 2021.

One of the things I've been curious about was, who was going to open for Stapleton. I had heard that Billy Strings was a possibility because he is playing other venues with Stapleton. As it turns out, another favorite of mine, who I ran into when I was down the YouTube rabbit hole chasing Billy Strings music. It's Marcus King. According to Wikipedia;

Marcus King was born in Greenville, South Carolina, United States. His father, Marvin King, was a well-known blues guitarist in South Carolina who also played with gospel acts, and his grandfather was also a regionally popular musician.

I look at Marcus King and see a season, grizzled country and blues artist. Look a little closer and you see that he's young. The soul, that comes out of him when he sings though represents miles and miles of highways. His voice? Piercing and infectious. And when it comes to guitar skills, he's flat-out brilliant.

Do a little research if you're going to the show. Get there early and try to soak up a little bit of the talent of Marcus King. I guarantee you'll be seeing, and hearing more of him in the future.

Thank you for sharing this with your country and blues fans who are going to the show on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. And let me know what you think of him, after the show.

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