Since going public with their romance back in November, Chris Lane and girlfriend Lauren Bushnell have been moving fast. From meeting each other's parents and now living together as of last month, the two seem downright smitten with one another.

Next up could very well be marriage.

"I feel like everything is great right now," Lane told Taste of Country before a set opening Dan + Shay's tour on Saturday (March 30). "I'm having one of the biggest songs I ever had ('I Don’t Know About You') and adding a new relationship and finding someone I absolutely love and someone that I have no doubts that I'm going to marry one day is definitely exciting."

The decision for Lane and his The Bachelor star girlfriend to move in together was partly due to logistics, he explains, but that doesn't mean they aren't enjoying every second.

"I have to be in Nashville a lot for songwriting, so I’m thankful," Lane says. "It's not easy to up and move your life across the country — that's for sure. I'm super thankful that she did that for me and it only helps our relationship grow when we get to spend a whole lot more time together."

Lane stops to smile at Bushnell, who's sitting just a few feet away from him in a crowded tour bus.

"Moments like tonight where she gets to come out on the road and be a part of this ... it makes it extra special for me because when she’s not out here now, it's just not the same," the "Take Back Home Girl" hitmaker says.

And while Lane's busy touring schedule (alongside Dan + Shay, and then later this year with Brad Paisley) will keep him on the bus more than he's in Nashville, he's enjoying organizing a home and building a life with Bushnell.

"It was really nice to come off the road and have everything organized," says Lane, whose move-in was covered by People magazine. "Lauren had a friend that she has known for awhile that stepped in and did that we were both super thankful for that because our place was a disaster when we combined all of our stuff together trying to figure out what we wanted to keep and what we didn’t want to keep. They did such an awesome job and just having her there is so cool. We don't have to travel on top of the travel.  Whenever I get off the road I don’t have to fly to L.A. or vice-versa."

"It's been great," he adds, almost giggling with love as he catches her glance again. "She is super clean and a great cook. It's been perfect for me."

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