Chris Janson knows the key to world peace: "Fix a Drink."

Janson is ready for summer and all the good times that come with it, playing bartender in the upbeat "Fix a Drink". Offering another bro-country anthem to country radio, the country star decides to turn the lemons of the world into lemonade as he sings, "The world's in the toilet / And the market's in the tank / Well I can't fix that / But I can fix a drink."

Rather than dwelling on life's biggest concerns, Janson makes things a little lighter with the offer to "fix a drink" in a track that invites you say "oh well" and bop along to the catchy melody. With its beach bum vibe a la Jake Owen and perky banjo that's reminiscent of a Keith Urban hit, Janson blends together some of country's most popular elements in "Fix a Drink," which is lined up to be a summer anthem.

Did You Know?: Chris Janson wrote "Fix a Drink" with "Buy Me a Boat" co-writer Chris DuBois and Ashley Gorley.

Listen to Chris Janson, “Fix a Drink”

Chris Janson's “Fix a Drink” lyrics:

Well it's hotter than hell outside right now / It's a 100 in the shade with the sun beatin' down / Forecast callin' for some more of the same / Well I can't fix that / But I can fix a drink / I turn on Fox News / And then CNN / But it's the same dang thing all over again / The world's in the toilet / And the market's in the tank / Well I can't fix that. 


But I can fix a drink / Pour it on ice / Mix it on up and get you feeling right / I can get you buzzed / I can get you smilin' / I can make you feel like you're sittin' on an island /  I can make it fruity / Or I can make it strong / All you gotta do is tell me what you want / Put it to your lips / Take a little sip / Tell me what you think / Yeah I can fix a drink. 

You say you gotta broken phone / And a broken heart / Your boss is on your back / And your truck won't start / None of your friends want to listen to Hank / Well I can't fix that.

I don't know what's going on with you / But if you've got some cheap whiskey and some Mountain Dew / Malibu, Cuervo, Coke in a cup / Brother I can hook you up.  

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