Wednesday we learned that the person who was signing for the Nelson Mandela memorial was a fraud. He didn't actually know sign language.  He was up there waving off gibberish to the world. So, when I saw this video this morning I thought, 'now this is the real deal.'

This little girl, is not only performing with her class for the Christmas program, but she's also 'sharing with her mother who is deaf.

The real deal.  And real neat!

I did find out a couple other things.  I believe they actually typed in the wrong initials on the YouTube video.  I think it should be CODA, which stands for Children of Deaf Adults.

Growing up with parents who are deaf isn't 'real uncommon.' I have a friend who's wife did and South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard grew up with parents who were deaf.

I did notice in one of the Facebook posts a response that was right on.

Adorable! She puts the Mandela 'terp' to shame and a good reminder for all of us why CODAs are at the heart of the Deaf community!