It's been a frenzy! Chick-fil-A has hit Sioux Falls like a tidal wave. Since opening on September 23, it's been a challenge to get food quickly. I've heard of people waiting in the drive-thru line for over two hours just to get a taste of that fried chicken goodness.

The second day they were open, my wife and I braved the Friday evening traffic that typically gathers around the mall and drove to Chick-fil-A. The drive-thru line was ridiculous as expected, but Karla, a co-worker told me that if you go inside the wait was about 10 minutes. So we took Karla's advice and went inside. About 30 people were waiting and almost as soon as we got in line, two workers with tablets went person to person down the line and took orders. That's efficiency.

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We left the house at 8 pm and arrived at Chick-fil-A at 8:07. We had our food by 8:21 and were back at home eating it by 8:27. Not bad and sure beats wasting gas in a two-hour drive-thru line.

Fast forward to Saturday, October 2. My wife suggested Chick-fil-A and she didn't have to twist my arm. This time, however, our option of carrying out was gone as the location has closed the lobby indefinitely. That meant sitting in a line that was wrapped around the parking lot and ended on Empire Place around Men's Wearhouse.

In the picture below, see that black Toyota Camry on Empire Place? That's where the line was starting and I said to my wife, "No, we're not doing that."

Chuck Wood
Chuck Wood

As I was about to leave, I thought that the line couldn't be that bad. They probably worked out the bugs and we would be in line for 45 minutes, tops. Not quite. We got in line at 3:38 and received our food at 5:43. I never wait two hours in line for anything, but there is a first time for everything.

I heard the drive-thru line is really light on Sundays...

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