High school can get a bit repetitive, thankfully there are usually a few class clowns who can keep things interesting. One student makes sure to bring the energy to every one of his chemistry classes, making the same epic entrance every single day.


"It's chem-time baby!". That is the way one student enters his high school chemistry class every single day.


Students in the hallway stop and stare. Fellow classmates have come to expect the boisterous announcement, although they never seem to be fully prepared for when it happens.


This kid certainly knows how to turn heads and keep chemistry class interesting.

See the full video from @overtime on Twitter below.

Many on Twitter have reacted to the video.

Now, this may seem silly to most - but I think this guy is actually a crucial part of every high school ecosystem. In high school, things get boring quickly. The same classes every single day can certainly be a drain. But, having someone like this in your class constantly bringing the energy has to at least add a semblance of excitement even in the most boring of subjects.

Some on Twitter wondered why no one ever tried to stop the student.

Others figure that the student must be successful in the class if they allow his exuberant entrances to continue.

Truth be told - I used to enter a high school English class on all-fours every day. I would silently crawl as slowly as possible to my desk, simulating the behavior of a typical sloth. It was definitely stupid, but it was a tradition and helped make the school day just a bit more fun. Sometimes my teacher would find it funny, other times she would get annoyed.

Now, I have seen this video in a different format a couple of different times. Never this intense of an entrance, but certainly along the same lines.

See one here via @RAY_ALEXANDER__ on Twitter.

I've even seen a teacher, possibly inadvertently, have a tradition like these.

I'm just happy to see that there are people out there keeping the school environment interesting.

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