On a recent motorcycle trip to Palisades State Park, followed by a visit the the Jesse James famous Devil's gulch jump in Garretson, we found ourselves driving down historic main street in Garretson, and stopped in to check out Chef Omar Thornton's creations at O So Good.

O So Good Restaurant (by permission)

The front of the restaurant is a warm inviting space frequented by those enjoying the coffee house portion of the eatery earlier in the day. Our server brought us into the back main dining area, where a smile and nod from Chef Omar and the whole staff had us feeling welcome.  The smells of the food coming from the open concept kitchen confirmed that we were in the right place for a delicious meal.

O So Good (by permission)

Chef Omar says it's all about the love and respect of food. "The concept for O So Good was made up from the sharing of great food from a low income home, to street style foods and food trucks of the eighties. We combined this with all the different ethnic foods we grew up with and some the best restaurants in Oakland and San Francisco/Midwest and all other food in-between." says Thornton. "We learned to take whatever you can afford to get and create a meal for your family with all the love behind it, soul."

Check out their facebook site for latest Jazz concert events, comedy nights and meal specials.  .

O So Good 9by permission)

Our food was reasonably priced and delicious.  We'll certainly come back for more.

O So Good Restaurant (by permission)

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