Anyone who has driven a car has probably broken the speed limit. Even if it's just by one mile per hour, it's technically speeding. Sure, a cop probably won't wait their time to pull you over for that though.

If you have ever been pulled over for speeding, what excuse did you give? Several years ago, I was caught speeding on I-229 in Sioux Falls by a Highway Patrol trooper. To say I was speeding was an understatement. I won't say exactly how fast I was going, but he wrote me up for "unlawful speeding" and I paid a $278 fine along with years of high insurance rates.

When he asked me why I was going that fast, I told him the car was "too fast." What's even worse is I was on a test drive. I was pushing the car a little too much, but I wanted to see what it had before I bought it. After handing me the ticket, the trooper told me that I shouldn't buy the car. I drove it back to the dealership and walked away from the deal, but not the car. A few years later I bought one just like it, but I drove it a little slower.

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So what excuses have you given for speeding? Have you used some of these excuses provided by the Minnesota Highway Patrol?

"My cat is sick."
This excuse might be more believable if it was someone's child, but a cat??
"The speedometer is broken."
If you are passing everyone else on the road then that's a pretty good sign that you are speeding.
"Dog just pooped in the backseat."
How could the trooper keep a straight face after being told this!
"Sneezed and stepped on the gas too hard."
Understandable, but did you continuously sneeze for the last 10 miles that you were speeding?
"My car is too fast."
This one doesn't work, trust me.


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