Now that the weather is getting nicer and we're spending more time outdoors, eye doctors are warning people to think twice before buying cheap sunglasses.

In fact, most eye doctors will tell you it's better to go without sunglasses than to wear those cheap ones you can find at most corner drug stores.

For most consumers, the general philosophy behind buying cheap sunglasses is that "I'll be able to afford three or four, so I can change up my look."

But what you may not realize is you may be doing more harm than good by not spending the money on one good pair of sunglasses.

Studies have shown that poor quality sunglasses can actually harm your eyes and create long term vision problems.

The problem with wearing cheap sunglasses is they don't have polarization, or come with UVA and UVB filters.

In fact, cheap sunglasses are the biggest reason for eye irritation, teary eyes, distortion, headaches and blurred vision.

In rare cases, after an extended period of time, a yellow fatty deposit called Pinguercela can even form on the white part of your eye.

Something else to keep in mind is stay away from full dark sunglasses. Dark sunglasses actually increase the pressure on your eyes.

What happens is your pupils have to open up more in order to see properly, which allows dangerous UVA and UVB light rays to enter your eyes.

So, ditch the cheap dark sunglasses and go out and spend the money on a decent pair that not only look good on you, but also protect your eyes.

Source: Nation

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