The winner of Chase Rice's Hourly Gig contest with Snagajob had a lot to celebrate after opening for Rice at his recent show in Denver, Colo.

"The experience was truly surreal," says the winner of the contest, Scott DeCarlo. "Winning was one thing, but playing for 2,000 people who had little to no idea who I was, and to see them turn from ambivalent to arms swaying, smiling and trying to learn my lyrics and sing along was mind blowing and what you desire as an artist.

"Chase made it so smooth and easy," he adds. "He was super kind, supportive and easy to work with! I hope to work more with him in the future."

DeCarlo is a police sergeant in East Rutherford, N.J., but that's just his part-time job these days -- after releasing his debut album 'A Whole New Kind of Crazy,' he now spends half his time working to break into the music industry in Nashville.

DeCarlo heard about the contest from a stranger that he met when he was playing at a bonfire and who sent him a link via Facebook.

"I really didn't think for one second that I had an opportunity to win," he says. "It was a beautiful feeling to get that phone call, that's for sure."

Rice's Ignite the Night Tour through December. A full list of dates is available here.