Chase Bryant reveals a new side of his artistry with "Room to Breathe." The R&B-inspired country dancer is secretly a pretty hot love song.

Although you have to quit moving to realize it. “Room to Breathe” proves Bryant isn’t adverse to risk as the song relies on a sound that’s been a hit or miss proposition lately. It works not because of the disco-like arrangement, but because the singer sells his story. It feels authentic, as if he had written lyrics with one hand while holding his lover’s hips with the other.

Melodically, “Room to Breathe” is instantly more memorable than anything Bryant has released to date. The Texan has enjoyed two Top 10 hits, but he’s yet to have a song that identifies him. This track has that potential — especially if fans see him perform it live. At Country Jam Colorado he proved he’s a superstar on stage.

Did You Know?: Even though “Room to Breathe” is a very danceable country song, Bryant says his best dance moves rest with the Sprinkler.

Listen to Chase Bryant, "Room to Breathe"

Chase Bryant Talks About "Room to Breathe" and More

Chase Bryant's "Room to Breathe" Lyrics:

“Girl you got my heart beatin’ out of my chest / Baby give me what you got, ’til there ain’t nothing left / Bring it close, don’t leave any space / Want you to be a part of me, never wanna separate / I’m a little obsessed with you / Oughta change my address to you.”

“I don’t need no room to breathe, no nothing in between / Don’t wanna go nowhere without your hands on me / No I can’t get enough, cover me in your love / Oh don’t you move / I don’t need no room to breathe / Baby you can never be too close to me.”

“Girl I’ve always been one of those guys / Never wanna be tied down, but girl you got me now / I don’t ever wanna be, independent, single, free / Come on over here / Never Leave.”

“I’m a little obsessed with you / Oughta change my address to you / Body Pressed up next to you.”

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