There's a great event coming up this week for cyclists and runners.

The annual event is always on March 14. Why? Because that's Pi Day. Why? Because that's 3/14, which if you replace the slash with a dot is 3.14, which is the common three digit version of the mathematical constant of Pi.

Reach back to your high school geometry class. Or what it trigonometry? You'll recall that Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference -- around the outside -- to it's diameter, which is across the middle.

No matter how big the circle, that ratio, or Pi, is always the same and it's been calculated to two quadrillion decimal places.

That's a lot of math geekiness to justify a bike ride and run. And more justification for eating actual pie.

What's better than that?

The event is sponsored by the 605 Running Co. and the Falls Area Bicyclists. (I'm a board member of FAB, just so you know.)

It starts and ends at 605 Running Co. on Phillips Avenue at 6:05. (I know, the numbers thing is getting a little thick.)

Here's the blurb from the Facebook event:

Let's ride in honor of Pi(e)! This will be an urban ride, and pace will be casual, and did we mention pie?

Maybe we'll ride 3.14 miles, or if the weather is nice maybe 2π miles, or maybe πr² miles, but whatever the distance, we will ride for pie!

You can also choose to run with 605 Running Company, or heck do both! Bring a favorite pie to share if you'd like! See you there!

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